• For Counselors


    As a counselor, you are being unconsciously emotionally bombarded all day, every day!

    I can help you:

    • to feel emotionally healthy
    • to be fully present to do your best work with your clients
    • to maintain boundaries that support your personal and professional vitality
    • to define and implement work/life balance
    • to have healthy relationships
    • to increase your insight into yourself

    You know that to do your best work with your clients, you need to take care of yourself and keep yourself sane! Life keeps on happening though and situations continue to present themselves. Sometimes you just feel emotionally drained. You may even find yourself in unsatisfying or even toxic relationships. Sometimes you just feel stressed out.

    I provide private and confidential face-to-face AND online counseling (in the state of Florida). I can offer you a safe and nonjudgmental place where you can  work on what is interfering with your well-being and your ability to do your best clinical work.